White Label vs. Build-your-own-UI

OpenBooking Whitelabel


  • Zero additional expenses with new offer types or booking provider
  • Zero additional expenses with new regions
  • Zero expenses for continuous development
  • Ready for use within a few hours
  • Latest features are added to the OpenBooking whitelabel first
  • Occupancy calendar included by default
  • Export stock data to your CRM for free
  • Implementation in minutes and at no costs
  • Real-Time search and autosuggest included
  • Customize the whitelabel to your visual needs or CI
  • Image processing service included


data-lang = "fr"
data-currency = "CHF"
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  • Not as customizable as an individual interface
  • Data export limited to stock data

OpenBooking API


  • Build your own offer search on top of OpenBooking
  • Zero costs for booking provider connection maintenance
  • Access every data set in OpenBooking
  • Fully documented interface reference
  • Build websites and apps
  • Get the latest features via API first
  • Image processing service license for your custom integration
  • Export stock data, regions and availabilities directly into your Website/CMS


  • Building your own interface often leads to additional expenses
  • Interface sometimes needs to be adopted to the new features or settings
  • New whitelabel features need to be added by your agency
  • Usually ready for use after long-term development