Region Management


OpenBooking in general can collects any location and non-location based offers. To make these objects suitable for your guests, OpenBooking can group them into your individual created regions.
With regions management set up your guests are able to look for cities, towns, landscapes and campaign destinations.
You need more? Simply create your own regions with 2 clicks.
Region Management is a premium module available to clients with an extended Region plan.
Compare your regions


The use of the region management offers external and internal benefits.
External benefits
  • Guests find for every town in your account.
  • Guests find any region in your account.
  • Guests find any location in your account, even if they don't know the name of the town.
Internal benefits
  • Add, modify and remove regions in seconds.
  • Extending regions just by adding new locations und zipcodes.
  • Run reports on your custom regions.
  • Compare the performance of multiple regions against each other.
Additional Values
  • No costs of modification for your website
  • Already prepared within the whitelabel solution (no website modification)
  • When activated region management works out of the box
  • Module activation within 1 hour
  • Unlimited regions
  • Integrated auto correction of names
Example of a selected region "Chur" within the whitelabel solution
Dashboard region management (example from Germany)

Access your OpenBooking from local destination websites

  • When you have regions set up, offer readymade links to your OpenBooking marketplace
  • Please read our documentation on how to filter regions by URL
  • The destination can now redirect to your whitelabel integration without additional expenses
Example: Graubünden Ferien offers a convenient and ready-to-use region filter