How to get From/Minimum prices?

OpenBooking provides additional meta-data about accommodation objects through Hooks. One of the Hooks that is available to any API user automatically is the "minPrice"-Hook.

Minimum Prices are calculated dynamically

  • OpenBooking routinely calculates the Minimum or From-Prices for every Accommodation based on actual bookable offers flowing through

  • OpenBooking ignores any arbitrary "Min-Price" information from the Booking providers

  • If accommodations never appear as bookable, there is no reason to display a Minimum Price, hence we do not provide this information for these objects.

Locate the Minimum Price

You can locate the Minimum Price in the hookData.minPrice field in the accommodation object. Here is an example:

"executed": "2016-11-18T09:43:51.219507",
"statusCode": 200,
"data": {
"min_price_seen": 120,
"min_price_week": 840
  • statusCode

    • 200, if a minimum price could be calculated

    • 204, if no minimum price is available

  • executed

    • Timestamp, when this data was lastly calculated

  • data.min_price_seen

    • The lowest price available for 1 night

  • data.min_price_week

    • The lowest price for 1 week

All prices are currently in Swiss Francs only.