Get "Facts" about your accommodation

Since Aug. 2016 we collect more structured meta data about accommodations, we call them "Facts". Facts are available through our API and can be displayed on your website. Facts also optimize your site for search engines.
In this guide, we'll explain you how to get and make use of "Facts"


Currently, we only provide facts for Apartments. "Facts" is a well-defined data structure attached to Accommodation objects, which you retrieve with GET /accommodations.
This is an example of a facts object for "Les Bouleaux" Apartment in Nendaz:
"type": "apartment",
"name" : {
"de": "Les Bouleaux"
"city": "Nendaz",
"facts" : {
"apartment" : {
"bedrooms" : 1,
"maxAdults" : 2,
"sqm" : 25,
"type" : "apartment"

Structure of the facts objects

The facts object always contains one key with the name of the accommodation type. For an accommodation of type apartment, facts contains at least a key named apartment, and so on.

Available facts

  • apartment:
    • bedrooms: Number of bedrooms
    • maxAdults: Maximum number of adults for this apartment
    • maxChildren: Maximum number of children for this apartment
    • sqm: Square meters of the apartment
    • type: Apartment-subtype, possible values:
      • chalet
      • apartment
      • farmhouse
      • rustico

Users of the Whitelabel UI

Facts are already displayed in our Whitelabel UI, as seen in the following example:

Users of the JavaScript SDK

If you use our JavaScript SDK, facts are already part of the accommodation objects you get with getAccommodations()et al.


Currently, we only provide facts for Apartments.