Become a data supplier

Are you an OTA, DMS or Booking provider with your own or contracted accommodations? Read on to learn how to connect to OpenBooking and increase your distribution channels.

What you will need

OpenBooking uses open and easy standards to provide interfaces to connect your data to our API. To become a data supplier, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Send accommodation core data whenever it gets updated or once a day. Currently, we support three types of accommodations: Hotels, Apartments, Packages/Offers
  • Have a webservice running that can respond to real-time availability queries within a reasonable amount of time (<= 3 secs)
  • Have a landing page where we can pass the user after they have decided which object they want to book, including query data (checkin, checkout, persons, object id etc.)
  • Send the booking data back to OpenBooking if and after a booking took place
Interfaces are based on HTTP/JSON requests. We provide extensive code examples in our Developer Portal, so it'll be easy for you to get started.


1. Sign our technical agreement

Download link will be placed here.

2. Obtain an access token

Depends if your data is client based or global.

3. Send your accommodation data

Use POST /acccommodations to send your accommodations.

4. Provide Endpoint for availability queries

Provide a webservice to respond to ad-hoc availability queries.

5. Send actual bookings

Use POST /bookings to send bookings.

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