Merge Accommodation

Is this your issue: You see an accommodation twice in your result list, perhaps with a similar name or slightly different images. In most cases the reason is that this accommodation is delivered by two providers. OpenBooking provides a great feature for this: "The merge functionality".

Let's do it by an example:

Login into the OpenBooking Manager and navigate to the accommodations tab in the left menu. The easiest way to find them is to use the search in the upper right corner. In this example we want to merge the accommodation "Ferienhaus Alpina":
  • First, type "ferienhaus alpina" in the search field
Now please enter the details by clicking the name.
  • Enter the tab Merge to modify connections between multiple offers.
  • Here we are looking for the same accommodation from another channel. As a demo we pick "Haus Stella-Alpina" and click "+ Add".
  • Feel free to select a master of the connected accommodations which is shown to your guests.

The merge was successful. This is what happens next:

In the result list or api request you will now get the accommodation only once. Text and images are taken from the listing that you selected as the main reference. On the detail page of the accommodation you will still be able to see and book offers (including prices, available dates and other offer details) from both providers.

How to control shown prices

To control which prices are shown from merged accommodations one can easily select the prefered booking engines.
Open "custom" and select/deselect the desired booking engines


An accommodation is provided by 3 booking engines and in this case you want to prevent one engine to show its prices for this accommodation. First merge the accommodations and disable the specific booking engine.