Manage Accommodations

OpenBooking offers a convenient way to manage all you accommodations, offers and packages across multiple booking provider.

Initial Setup

Every customer gets a ready-to-use portfolio based on his booking provider selection. All accommodations, offers and packages are listed in the Accommodations interface. Depending on the customers needs some items are visible and some are not.

Overview Interface

In general all accommodations, offers and packages are listed here.
When switching the language all items are shown with the properties for this language. So our customers can easily identify which items don't have a description in a foreign language for example. Same for contact and arrival information.
For speeding up the research please use our search box on top. You can search for all fields in the table, as well as custom fields within every item (see edit instructions). The search also works with part terms.
OpenBooking offers an easy Excel file export. Download all important information to your computer and use them for annual reports or presentations.
All items are listed in the table below. Please sort the columns as you like. For an easy overview all essential information are directly shown.
  • Open more details by clicking the name of the object
  • Provided name of the item
  • Open in whitelabel solution directly
  • Some booking engines provide internal codes
  • Ratings
  • Official classification
  • Official TrustYou Score
  • The name of the booking provider
  • Type of the item like hotel, apartment, bnb and offer
  • Location
  • When the stock data has been updated the last time
  • Set-up hooks and their status from green to red
  • Details like visibility and merged

Item Details

Access the details by clicking the name and close it by clicking the "Cose x". Depending on the language you will see different content and quality of text. Here you can check if the description and contact details are translated. At a glance you can see the internal IDs of the booking engines and contact details. OpenBooking provides a map to check the GPS location.

Update Item

Every item can be modified via the edit interface. The custom fields provide different purposes. API customers have full access to these fields for their website, app or what else application is directly connected to OpenBooking. These fields are also indexed for the search box in the items overview. A known use-case for these fields are internal comments or agency names when not provided with the accommodation name.
For the full API customers the type checkboxes values are also provided to their application.
To change visibility, simply click the checkbox "show accommodation".
Next to it there is the booking engine control. Here you can administrate which booking engine is displayed to your guests when an items has multiple sources (merge). For example: one accommodation is provided by your reservation system and By default all booking engines are enabled.
When you hit "apply changes" the update will be queued until the next booking provider items update or earlier. Click "Close" to exit without changes.

Delete Items

Because OpenBooking fetches every item from an external booking provider, there is no delete. The next update would overwrite the deleted item.
When OpenBooking doesn't receive an item update for a long time(last updated), the item will be removed from the overview. It will not be shown to your guests until the next update.

Merge Items

Change or Unmerge Items

If you have successfully merged items before you maybe want to split them again. Please check the small icon on the left side of the list. It shows a active relation symbol.
Enter the accommodation details by clicking the name ob the object. The tab "Merge" will show you a number of known sources. The interface will switch to the merge sections and you are offered to change the selected main reference for this item.